Favourite Healthy Finds at Costco

Today I made yet another trip to our local Costco, one of my favourite places to shop for whole foods! If you are doing a Whole 30 (if you aren’t sure what the Whole 30 is, check out the book here!) or enjoy a paleo lifestyle or simply want to add more whole foods to your diet, there are quite a few options at Costco.

I’ve compiled a list of ten of my favourite healthy options that I regularly purchase at Costco:

  1. Coconut Oil – I love coconut oil!!  It is my go-to oil for cooking, but I also use it for dry skin and even to tame my frizzy hair.  Costco has the most affordable option (if you will use lots of it like I do!) with the Kirkland brand.
  2. Nuts – Since we did the Whole 30 last year, I have even gotten my husband to start snacking on nuts. We love the raw cashews, pistachios and almonds from Costco.  Just make sure you read your labels….there should be only one ingredient, the nuts! No extra unhealthy oils. For a bit of a mix, we throw in some dehydrated fruit like pineapple or apple chips and some raw sunflower or pumpkin seeds.  Great for a crunchy snack. Check out the nut shelf in my kitchen. 
  3. Organic Greens – Costco is a great place to purchase your organic greens. I especially love the organic spinach! Also, buying it for $1-2 less than the local grocery store is a major plus.
  4. Chicken – The poultry from Costco is the only chicken that my husband will eat. Right now, we are loving the whole chickens, which I cook in the crockpot but we have also consumed tons of the boneless chicken breasts from there.  There are organic options, but being on a budget I usually go with the normal stuff.
  5. Avocados – Ok, I know you can get these much cheaper elsewhere but the avocados at Costco are huge and amazing!
  6. Fruits and Vegetables – If you eat a lot of whole foods then it make sense to buy your favourites in bulk. Lately we’ve been enjoying the pears and blackberries from Costco. My daughter loves the organic baby carrots and this week it looks like it will be a broccoli week for us! Cucumbers are cheap and if you get them fresh, the little tomatoes are excellent. There are a lot of organic options as well.
  7. Kirkland Fish Oil – This is one of the only supplements that my husband and I take to boost our Omega 3 fatty acids.  My husband takes these to help with joint pain and I find that they help keep my hair and nails healthier and stronger.
  8. Prosciutto – They have wonderful packaged prosciutto at Costco with no added sugars or preservatives.  I make these yummy egg cups for my husband to enjoy all week for a quick breakfast or snack.
  9. Frozen Fruit – They have lots of different frozen fruit at Costco, and even some organic options. The cherries are amazing! Today I grabbed some frozen blueberries to throw into post-workout shakes. Yum!
  10. Almond Butter – The Kirkland almond butter is delicious.  No added sugar or preservatives, just almonds. My husband was a Kraft peanut butter guy until our first Whole 30, but now I’ve got him completely hooked on this healthier option. It tastes amazing with bananas.

It was difficult to choose only ten favourite items when there are so many more like the single serve Wholly Guacamole or the Kirkland Organic Pasta Sauce or the Kirkland Tuna. But….I think you get the idea, I love shopping at Costco for whole, healthy foods for our family!



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