Almost There

It has been a very long time since I was in school, at least it feels like it. Somehow, twenty years have flown by since I was in college and the classroom setting now feels foreign to me. This past weekend I completed the in-class portion of my personal training course. Even as an adult, being in a classroom is a bit scary and nerve-wracking for me. But, I made it through the weekend by stepping out of my comfort zone and focusing on my goal.

Before attending the course, I didn’t think about how great it would be to be around others with similar goals and interests.  I was feeling a bit discouraged after the first day of the course because I didn’t feel as though I had prepared adequately.  Then I realized that we were all there to learn and were not being tested at that point.  That was when I was able to relax and actually have some fun!

Now I am starting to think about what will happen after I obtain my certification and am getting very excited! My family has been super supportive and I hope to get their help with the next steps. My daughter is always great to try out new stretches with (although she is much more flexible than the average person!) and my husband is always looking for ways to expand our home gym. He is great at finding the best deals on equipment and researching new exercises to try.

By staying positive and working hard, I think that I am ready to face the challenges that lie ahead in order to reach my goal.






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