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I love to eat! Especially with me being at home, I tend to graze and some days feel as though I am eating nonstop. Luckily, I am also a health nut, so all of the foods I am snacking on are wholesome and good for me. That being said, I am also very active and eat smaller meals to compensate for any extra food I may have consumed. When my husband and I did our my first Whole 30 (you can buy the book here), I had to substitute some of my not-so-healthy meals and snacks for compliant ones.  It’s hard for me to believe that I don’t miss snacking on my cheese and crackers that I used to eat every day.  I absolutely love the foods that I eat now and have compiled a list of some of my favourite wholesome snacks.

Nuts and dried fruit – In our cupboard we have a shelf full of nuts, seeds and dried fruit to snack on. Just make sure to read your labels and don’t get nuts that are roasted in unhealthy oils.  Our favourites are natural almonds, cashews and pistachios along with sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I discovered that it is very simple to dehydrate your own fruit, so I like to make dried pineapple or apple chips to add something sweet to our mix.









Plantain chips – I had noticed several recipes for plantain chips online but only just recently tried making them for the first time. I was instantly hooked. They are a nice salty snack and so easy to make.  Just slice them up and throw them in the oven coated in coconut oil and sea salt for a half hour and you have a nice crunchy snack that you can enjoy on their own or dip in salsa or almond butter for some flavour.










Veggies and guacamole or salsa– Or just slices up vegetables on their own if you are looking for a nice crunchy snack. Some of our favourites are celery, carrots, green beans, cucumbers and peppers.  My daughter and I just love these mini cucumbers I found at Farmboy last month and basically inhaled the whole bag.








Bananas with cinnamon – Ok, I don’t really know what to call this snack but when you are really craving a sweet treat try heating some coconut oil in a skillet and throwing in a sliced up banana. Drizzle with cinnamon and cook on both sides for a few minutes.  That’s it, quick and delicious!










Hard-boiled eggs – Eggs are definitely a staple in my house. My husband brings a couple to work every day, and I eat them on salads, for a quick breakfast or just on their own.










Apples with almond butter – Or even on their own for a sweet, crunchy snack ( just grab a handful of nuts on the side for some protein). Also, if you like almond butter try some on a banana before you workout. My husband and I both agree that it gives us that extra bit of energy to power through our workouts.

Paleo banana bread – You may have noticed that we like bananas at my house! This banana bread uses coconut flour instead of all-purpose and just a touch of stevia to sweeten (but it would probably be ok without) Since we cut out grains, it is rare for us to have any type of bread, so this is like a treat for us to have a healthy version of one of our favourite foods.









These are just some of the foods that we eat at my house to keep us on track with our fitness goals. I am currently trying to cut back on snacking altogether but it is proving to be quite difficult for me! At least I know that if I do feel the need to munch on something, it is good for me.



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