Taking Care of our Earth

With Earth Day this past weekend, it really makes you think about things that we can do to take care of the environment. Like community clean-ups, recycling, composting and cutting back on electricity and water usage. 

We have had a few very windy garbage days this spring and our green spaces were completely covered with garbage.  Everyone in the community has been doing a great job cleaning it up and I’ve seen several garbage bags around the neighbourhood after this past weekend.  My husband is usually all over the garbage pick-up since we have a green space right across the street from our house, and he enlists the help of our daughter and her friends.

At our house, we love to recycle everything that we possibly can and have three blue bins full each week.  Between that and the green bin, we take pride in the fact that we hardly have any garbage! With us eating so many whole foods, we can easily fill a green bin with compost in one week (it’s a good thing we have two!).

Great ways for us to conserve energy are to do laundry and run the dishwasher during non-peak hours. Evenings and weekends are my laundry times for sure! We also have timers on some of the lights in our house so they are on when we need them but don’t have to stay on all night. So simple and a perfect way to save electricity.

Now if only conserving our water was quite as easy! My husband gives me a hard time constantly about the length of my showers. I can’t blame it on my long hair anymore since I chopped it off, so I have to admit that I just don’t want to leave my nice warm shower! My daughter is the same and we are both working on getting quicker.

Along with taking care of our planet, we need to take some time to take care of ourselves too. Spring is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors! With all of the new life and bright colours, it never fails to make me feel relaxed and happy. I find that long walks with the dog really help to calm my mind.

So happy Earth Day everyone, let’s keep taking care of our beautiful planet!



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