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Even better than hitting the local farmer’s market is growing your own food! As someone who loves eating and feeding my family whole foods, it doesn’t get any better than food grown in your own garden. Somehow last summer we found room in our backyard for a small vegetable garden and we loved it so much we added to it this year. With your own garden, it is confirmed that there are no chemicals on your food and it tastes even better grown in your own patch of sunshine.

Growing up, my dad always had me helping in our family’s vegetable garden. My favourites from back then to this day are fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. So good out of the garden, and so much better than store-bought varieties. This year, a friend suggested an organic plant sale in the spring where I got the most amazing tomato and cucumber plants. Peppers grown in the garden are amazing too. So much more flavour!













We grew broccoli for the first time ever this year and although tasted great, it took up way too much room in my little garden for the small heads of broccoli that I got out of it. We also attempted to grow some kale, which I was soooo excited about after seeing friends and family with amazing kale in their gardens, but ours did not get very big. I think it will need a sunnier spot for next year.

Green beans are another one of my family’s favourite vegetables to grow. They always seem to do well, this year being no exception. My daughter and I love to eat the beans raw, which is good because we rarely have enough at one time to cook for a meal! Luckily though, my dad lives nearby and brings over a huge bag of beans weekly.

Herbs seem to grow much better in the garden than in containers for me. Favourites this year are basil, parsley and cilantro. It’s fun to add some fresh herbs to dishes for additional flavour.










My daughter’s ultimate favourite vegetable to grow is peas. She will eat them raw by the handful whenever she can, which is good because ours are not as big as the store bought variety so we rarely have enough at one time to cook up as a side dish. The only bad thing about these is that they are done quite early in the season.

Overall, it is easy and healthier to grow your own veggies. The best part is that come August, you always have healthy food to munch on without having to go to the store or market. Happy growing!



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