Whole 30 Round 4

I am so excited that my husband wants to do another Whole 30 with me! I love that it was his idea to do another round since he is the one with the vicious sugar dragon to tame.

Our first Whole 30 (check out the book here) was life-changing for us. We learned so much about what is actually good for your body and what isn’t, like all those ingredients you can’t pronounce on processed food packaging. All of those preservatives and chemicals are actually really bad for us, yet manufacturers continue to make more and more unhealthy food products.









In addition to my husband losing over 40 lbs last year (after a total of three Whole 30s), benefits that I love are increased energy, non-existent acne and no more bloating. It’s simple, eating whole foods just makes me feel good. I know I am giving my body the nutrients that it needs and I can eat plenty of foods that I love.

And I do love to eat! Being a stay-at-home mom means that I am home a lot and for me it is hard to stay out of the kitchen. I am definitely a grazer, I can snack all day and still eat a good dinner. This is why it’s good to have lots of healthy choices available. Summertime is the best for options with all the fresh fruits and vegetables. The past couple days, I have been snacking on green beans and mini cucumbers from the market. And yes, I actually love both of these foods and I don’t feel guilty if I have one too many.







When it comes to labelling our diet, I never really know what to call it. It could be Paleo, Whole 30ish, Primal….I prefer to say that we choose to eat whole foods. I sometimes refer to it as Paleo or Whole 30ish in order to connect with others that have similar preferences. But we don’t really follow any rules other than the fact that we eat as many whole foods as possible. It really is that easy. Whole fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. My favourite healthy fats are coconut and olive oils and definitely avocados! Whole eggs are also a good source of both healthy fats and protein and if you’ve ever seen my instagram account, you know that I am completely in love with eggs!









Since we eat whole foods pretty much all the time anyways, the only things we will really have to give up are our summer cocktails (we do still enjoy a nice drink on the weekends, wine for me and beer for the hubby) and our paleo desserts that I make. I found an amazing paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe that my husband is always asking me to make!









If you are ready to make a change, join us on Tuesday to start off a round of the Whole 30. You will be happy with the results!







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