Too Many Eggs?

Is there actually such a thing as too many eggs? Definitely not in my world. I have three favourite foods: avocados, sweet potatoes and eggs! Lucky for me, new studies show that moderate egg consumption is actually good for a healthy person and not a risk for high cholesterol or heart disease as previously believed. Well that’s perfect because it is rare for me to go a day without consuming an egg or two (or maybe even more)!

When eating a whole food diet and especially when doing a Whole 30, eggs are a wonderful option for breakfast, or really any meal or snack. They are the perfect food because they contain lots of protein and nutrients and they taste amazing no matter how you cook them!

My favourite way to prepare eggs is fried in coconut oil and if I’m lucky, I won’t overcook them. Then they are nice and runny, perfect for eating with my sweet potato and avocado in the mornings.










Before my first Whole 30, the lazy me would never have even thought of cooking eggs in the rush of trying to get ready and out the door in the mornings. If you have pre-cooked some sweet potatoes and/or veggies (they also taste amazing with leftover taco meat!), it really only takes 5 extra minutes to cook a couple of eggs instead of pouring a bowl of cereal. And it is so much better for you!! Being the cook of the house, I also like to make my husband prosciutto egg cups that he can heat up for breakfast when he is at work early in the morning. Really simple and perfect for after his workout.

Eggs are known as a breakfast food but my husband and I also love hard-boiled eggs as a healthy snack or sliced up on salads. Egg salad is also a great meal option. When short on time we even have eggs for dinner on occasion with some kind of sweet potato concoction and bacon or sausage for the hubby. There is no wrong time to eat eggs.

An egg scramble is perfect when you are trying to use up some veggies in the fridge. I love to cook them up with peppers, kale, spinach, onions, or tomatoes. The more veggies, the better! Broccoli or cauliflower taste great in an omelette or scramble too.

So how many eggs is actually too many? Well, nobody can really say….but as a healthy and active person, I consume 2-4 eggs daily and have never had a problem with my cholesterol. However, it does depend on the individual and those with diabetes should limit their egg consumption.

Ready for your next quick and delicious meal? Then get cracking!




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