A Great Time to Get Outside

Fall is one of my favourite times of year. The colours are vibrant and the world just looks so beautiful.

The summer heat is gone (almost for us here in Ontario!) and by now I think most of us are ready for sweater weather.

Once we have accepted the fact that summer must come to an end and the kids go back to school, it’s time to start thinking about what fall and winter will bring.

As the weather cools, the great outdoors becomes the perfect place to get outside and exercise. Walk, run, ride a bike, work in the garden! It doesn’t matter what you do, just get outside.

My love of nature was instilled in me during my youth. My dad would take us kids for morning walks every weekend and we spent as much time outdoors as possible.

Now, I seem to notice more and more of nature as I get older (I may or may not enter my  40s this year!). Almost every day on my walk with the pup, I need to stop to take a photo. There is so much beauty around us, how can we not appreciate this world we are lucky enough to live in?

My husband really enjoys the warmer months and has been consistently running and biking outside. On weekends, we love taking our daughter on hikes and nature walks nearby. We try to make it fun by searching for frogs, turtles, birds, dragonflies and whatever else we might find.

Morning walks are my absolute favourite with our chocolate lab. He is a perfect walking buddy and we have such peaceful walks in the quiet of the early morning (as long as we bring his ball and I promise to throw it a few times).

I can definitely relate to Melissa Hartwig when she says that hiking is her “church”. Although she visits much more extravagant places, a feeling of peace and happiness comes over me when walking or hiking on a beautiful day. It doesn’t matter if I am alone or with the family, it just makes my heart happy.

Hopefully you will make the time this autumn to spend some time outside and enjoy this stunning world that we live in!



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