New Milestone

So, I did it. I went and turned 40 last month. I thought maybe I would feel different, older, wiser. But what do you know, I feel exactly the same as I did at 39!

Entering a new decade can be scary or even depressing for some people. As someone who likes things to be a certain way (definitely type A personality!), I am embracing the changes that come with getting older.

In my 20’s I was an insecure young girl who had no idea what to do with my life. When I entered my 30’s I was becoming a little more settled and starting a family but very unhappy with my career. Now entering my 40’s I feel as though I am healthy and happy and am gaining a confidence in myself that I have never had before. I absolutely adore being a wife and mom and love my new role as a personal trainer. It is extremely rewarding to help others succeed at reaching their health goals.

As far as aging goes, I’ve never felt healthier. My husband and I have adopted a clean eating lifestyle consisting of 95% whole foods. No more processed snacks or goodies, only good whole fruits, vegetables, meats and healthy fats. I finally understand the statement, food is fuel! My energy levels vary from day to day but for the most part I have more energy than ever.

I am looking forward to life in my forties! As my daughter gets older, I am finding myself with more and more free time to pursue things that interest me. I am hoping to grow as a personal trainer and try some new activities. A hiking trip with my husband to Banff is definitely on my bucket list for this decade!

In the past couple years, I have discovered the wonderful benefits of stretching and one of my goals is to include more yoga in my weekly ritual. As for weight lifting, I would like to continue to challenge myself (thanks to my husband who always encourages me to push harder!). Participating in a few more races and maybe a half marathon would be good before I hit the next milestone. Being active is so important, especially as we get older. I aim to be that grandma still working out and outrunning her kids and grandkids in thirty years!

I really don’t think that your age has to define you, if you want to do something put your excuses aside and work for it! We are never too old to set new goals.




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