Surviving the Winter

So life got busy there for a minute and I’ve been struggling to find time to do everything, including writing. It is not such a bad thing to be busy, especially during the dreary winter months! Growing up in Canada you might think that I would be used to the winters by now, but every year by the time February hits, I’m done with all the shovelling and cold. Don’t get me wrong, I love those cold, sunny days when I can get the pup out for a nice long walk. It’s all those gray, snowy days in between that do me in and make me dream of spring.

Okay, enough whining about winter since it’s almost over now….right?! Only another month to go and then glorious spring will be here! In the meantime, I will keep trudging along through the slush and keep working on my goals that I set for the year. Some are going well, and some I kind of forgot about for a sec.

My husband and I recently finished our fifth Whole 30. We thought that after the holidays it would be a great time to get rid of that crazy sugar dragon once and for all. The long month of January felt like a year to go without a glass of wine or a sweet treat (for my hubby). That being said we may rethink our timing next year! But we are right back on the bandwagon with all Whole 30 meals and the occasional treat on the weekends. Love this Whole 30 life!

I’ve also been doing great at trying some new recipes. To be completely honest, I only like to try quick and easy recipes and will not even consider a new meal if there is a big long list of ingredients. This is why I absolutely love the new Whole 30 Fast and Easy book (you can get it here) because most of the recipes really are fast and easy. Really! This book was made for me (and lots of you busy folks out there!) With the exception of the skillet pork chops, which actually took a lot longer than the 30 minutes it states but I have to admit that I have never used a meat mallet before, so there was a bit of a learning curve. On a positive note, the pork chops were absolutely delicious, which is something I never thought I would say about pork chops! I obviously did not know how to prepare them before trying this recipe.

The one thing that always keeps me going during the winter is challenging myself in the gym. The gym is one thing that never gets boring for me. We bought some new equipment lately including a TRX and some heavier dumbbells so trying out new exercises is always fun. My favourite purchase however might be the slider discs that I got for next to nothing. They are great for working the core!

Winter is such a hard season to find motivation and I have to admit that it was especially hard this year. I’m not sure why it took me a full two months after the holidays but I finally realized last week that I needed a project! So the next day I decided to paint one of our bathrooms and hopefully next week, I can start on another. A fresh coat of paint brightens everything up and makes it feel brand new. Plus it actually feels as though I accomplished something other than the regular daily chores. Apparently we are in for some more wintery weather so it’s the perfect time to check out Pinterest for some DIY projects of your own!

Here’s to getting motivated during this last cold month of winter! Find a project that gets you excited or better yet take your exercise program up a notch to get fit before the nice weather arrives.




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