Fall Back Into a Healthy Routine

Ok, it looks as though its been a while since I’ve posted. I’m not quite sure where the summer went but it seems to be long gone judging by the temperature outside this morning (3 degrees)!

October is a wonderful month. It’s the beginning of sweater weather, the world outside is full of beautiful colours and you’ve finally accepted that summer had to end. It’s also a great time to get back into a healthy routine.

As a personal trainer I’ve noticed that a lot of people tend to lose sight of their goals over the summer when socializing and family time takes precedence. I mean who doesn’t want to enjoy the warm sunshine during those precious few months that we have it here in Ontario. I get it, really I do. However, most of that socializing includes food and drinks that you might not ordinarily consume. That, along with not as much time for exercise and you’ve fallen into a not-so-healthy way of living.

That’s why now is a great time to kick-start some new habits and get into a healthier routine. Think outdoor activities like apple picking (also a healthy snack!), pumpkin patches, hikes. All family-friendly activities as well, since the kids need fresh air and exercise too. With the shorter days, it’s also a great time to work some gym sessions into your routine.

A lot of people go downhill with their nutrition after the summer and then decide to make resolutions in the new year to get back on track. There is no point in using the holidays as an excuse, why not make your health a priority now?

I’m not going to lie, I don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen preparing our meals. I get lazy in the summer time when we can just grill some meat and veggies. By this time of year though, it gets a bit boring. It’s a great time to try out some new healthy recipes and switch things up a bit.

Personally, I am totally looking forward to checking out the new Whole 30 Slowcooker cookbook (you can buy it here)! Even if you don’t follow the Whole 30 program, you can’t go wrong with recipes that use only whole, healthy ingredients. Using your slowcooker is great, especially if you are out during the day. Think about arriving home and having a nice, warm meal waiting for you!

So let’s do ourselves a favour and not put it off any longer. Fall back into a healthy routine now and your body will thank you!








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