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I don’t know about you, but I love getting back into a routine after the holidays! Having the whole family home and altered sleep schedules tend to make us lazy and we fall off track with our health goals. That’s why it always feels so good to get a healthy start in the new year.

This year, my husband and I have embarked on yet another January Whole 30 to kick off 2019. Being our seventh round, it is familiar territory by now and it really feels good to get all of the Christmas treats out of our systems. Most people will have more time during the cold winter months, so it is a great time to clean up your diet. For newer clients, I always recommend small changes like adding more veggies to your diet or increasing your water intake. Then you can move on to bigger goals, like avoiding those dreaded processed foods.

Winter is also a great time to kickstart your fitness routine! As all of the gym owners will attest to, there are a lot of New Years resolutions made to do just that. However, most people tend to have unrealistic expectations of their immediate results and give up when they are unsuccessful in achieving them. Make sure to set attainable goals. Progress takes time, and if you can get that through your head, you can be on your way to a healthier year!

Goals for me are pretty simple this year and getting back into a workout routine after the holidays feels amazing! My number one goal is to increase my sleep time. We did something silly and got a puppy over the holidays so my sleep got way out of whack. My family really appreciates it when I get enough sleep so I’m working on this to keep everyone happy!

Eating healthy tends to take more time than your quick processed meals. Another goal is to try some new whole food recipes and not to be lazy in the kitchen during these cold months. We are loving the new Whole 30 Slow Cooker book (you can buy it here). Recipes are simple and having it ready at the end of the day makes it less stressful at dinner time.

As for workouts, trying to challenge yourself should always be a goal. If it’s too easy, you aren’t going to progress. Finding new exercises and workouts is a great way to switch it up and keep from getting bored. I would like to try working out with my husband a bit more since he is good at pushing me to try different exercises that I normally wouldn’t attempt. Last year, I fell in love with the barbell squat, so let’s see what I can do this year!

If you live here in Ontario, you may be enjoying the dry winter if you like exercising outdoors. My pups appreciate their walks and I’ve been amazed that I can still wear my running shoes instead of big boots this year. So dress for the cold, and take advantage of the winter months to improve your fitness outside. The fresh air is good for you too!

So here’s to the start of a healthy 2019, hoping that we can all stay on track with our goals.✅





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