Surviving the Holidays

This time of year is busy! Gifts to buy, social events, nevermind your regular work and activities. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that you also need to look after yourself.

Feeling stressed this time of year is not uncommon. Keeping up with the to-do list seems next to impossible and we all need to remember to focus on what is really important. NOT having the perfect gift for everyone you know, NOT having a spotless house for your guests, NOT stressing yourself out to make Christmas absolutely perfect for your family and friends.

What we need to focus on is enjoying the holiday with loved ones by making new memories and traditions.

It is okay to say no to invitations if you do not have time. It is okay to say no to the Christmas cookies at the office and hold out for your mom’s famous shortbread. It is okay to give the gift of time together instead of material gifts.

We are closing in on the end of a decade. Do you want to finish the year in a state of anxiety and/or ten pounds heavier? Why wait until January to start your good health habits? Take care of your body and mind now so that you can actually enjoy the season.

Balance your eating with healthy meals and the occasional seasonal treat. Why sabotage all of the hard work you have done this year by eating every goodie that comes your way? Choose to indulge in the treats that will bring you joy.

With all the added stress, your body needs an outlet. Keep up with your workouts the best you can and finish off the year strong. The additional time needed for gift buying and holiday preparations may make this a bit more difficult. Making the time for yourself will help with stress and prevent unhealthy habits from sneaking in.

This time of year it is hard to stay motivated with the weather change and shorter days. Getting fresh air and sunshine is extremely important. If you work during the peak sunny hours this time of year (when it actually shines) try to skip out for a quick walk or at least hang around a sunny window for a bit.

So don’t forget to enjoy the season and take some time for yourself. Your body will thank you in the New Year!





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